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The elevator carries a maximum weight limit of 200kg

Along with new French regulations demanding rider elevators on tower cranes being received by effect in January, Manitowoc has launched a different internal elevator for Potain system cranes, Cab-IN, developed with GEDA.

The system is also compatible with all Potain bases/chassis, meaning it can be fitted into both existing along with new crane models. The Cab-IN also complies with existing regulations from the Netherlands and Scandinavia. It suits inside all K-mast systems associated with 1.

The Potain Cab-IN was developed tailored for Potain top slewing cranes together with GEDA, a well-established and proved industrial elevator and construction elevate manufacturer, to meet the requires of tower crane customers. 45m sections. 6m, 2m and COUPLE OF. Having already presented the Potain Cab-IN to a few customers, we can safely say them to appreciate the ease-of-use and speedy installation time.

The Potain Cab-IN contains fast, easy and safe travel to and from the crane cab, while retaining normal mast ladder access. The elevator carries a maximum weight limit of 200kg, allowing up to two men and women to utilize the lift together. The Potain Cab-IN had been previewed at Intermat Paris with April 2018. ”. From that, we developed the concept for an internal mast operator lift, taking special care to ensure usage of the lift was safe regularly.. 

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